a-CertSince the construction of our medium sized winery, we have been producing white and red wines, primarily from our organic grape varieties. Dry and red white wine, under the brand name “Efyra” from multiple varieties and white dry wine “Asyrtiko” from the famous Greek variety Asyrtiko, known as “White Diamond”. We were also able to produce some very versatile semisweet and sweet wines, with surprising tastes.

In the years to come we will be introducing a vintage wine, made from various mystifying red varieties.

Our grapes and vineyards have an aCert organic certification.

White Dry Efyra
White Dry “Efyra”

An impressively elegant dry wine with an exceptional combination of three notable varieties Assyrtiko, Malagouzia and Chardonnay. Articulate citric zingy aroma with light blonde color and a finishing peach and flowering edge. Vinification process in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperatures. Limited number of bottles produced each year.

Alcoholic title: 12%
Served best at: 10-12°C

Red Dry Efyra
Red Dry “Efyra”

The cosmopolitan blend of Cabernet SauvignonMerlot, & Syrah varieties which have adapted perfectly to our farms continental-arid climate. A heart spicy red with excellent longevity, offering smooth and elegant herbal flavors mingled with a bouquet of dark fruits. Most notable for its full and round body texture. This varietal wine has matured for a year in french-american oak barrels and aged (bottled) for one more in our carefully controlled cellar climate. Well served with pork,beef poultry or simply as a companion with aged cheese.

Alcoholic title: 13,5%
Served best at: 16-18°C

Twin Vintage
Twin Vintage

Explosively aromatic, light yellow color with shades of green, gives an acidic rose palate taste, and remnant scents of tropical fruits. Quite balanced and refreshing. Assyrtiko blend.

Alcoholic title: 12%
Served best at: 10-12°C

Red Semisweet
187ml Bottles

Some of our varieties are also available in smaller (187ml) bottles.